Juniper Green Energy Pvt Ltd, headquartered in Delhi NCR, India, is a renewable energy power producer and operator for solar and wind projects. It is led by a team with significant experience in conceptualizing, building and developing renewable energy assets. Juniper Green Energy is a renewable energy platform setup by AT Capital Group, Singapore. AT Capital Group has an asset portfolio worth approximately US$2.5 billion with global investments in residential and commercial real estate, hospitality, natural resources, renewable energy, engineering and construction. The group's geographic and financial reach continues to grow through its strategic investments in high-growth sectors globally. The group believes that the welfare of the communities they operate amongst, is of fundamental importance to growth and sustainability. They support a number of corporate social responsibility programmes to enrich and improve the lives of the under privileged in various countries and we follow the same ideologies and practices in Juniper Green Energy. Having started operations in October 2018, Juniper Green Energy has grown aggressively and currently has 220 MW of solar projects under construction with another 100 MW solar project in the pipeline, in the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat. It also has a 1.5 GW wind development pipeline with 15 wind masts recording wind data across various states of India.