Parent Company

Headquartered in Singapore, AT Capital Group - one of Asia’s leading private investment firms, was founded by Mr. ArvindTiku, to leverage global opportunities across emerging sectors.

AT Capital Group has an asset portfolio worth approximately US$2.5 billion with global investments in residential and commercial real estate, natural resources, renewable energy, engineering and construction. The group's geographic and financial reach continues to grow through its strategic investments in high-growth sectors globally.

We strongly believe that the welfare of the communities we operate amongst, is of fundamental importance to our growth and sustainability. We run a number of corporate social responsibility programmes to enrich and improve the lives of the under privileged in various countries throughout Asia. In our continuing efforts to expand our reach in the community, we have spearheaded projects to fund and deliver welfare and education services to children and senior citizens in the region. Please click here for more information on AT Capital Group's CSR programme.